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Balkan Bibliography - 19th Century


Bevis, Mark                  

 Tangier to Tehran                                                          

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Brnardic, V                   

 Napoleonís Balkan Troops                                            

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 Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (3 Vols)            

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 Napoleonic Sourcebook                                                

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 Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (2 Vols)             

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 Crescent among the Eagles                                            

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 Russo-Turkish War 1806-12                                         

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 Armies of the Ottoman Empire 1775-1820                 

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 The Diamond of Jannina                                                 

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 Napoleon and the Dardanelles                           

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 Austro-Hungarian Army 1798-1814                              

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 Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars               

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 Military Reflections on Turkey                            

 Pallas Armata

Vucinich, W                  

 First Serbian Uprising 1804-1813                                  

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1815 Onwards


 Serbo-Turkish Campaign of 1876                               

 Pallas Armata

Alexander, James          

 Seat of War in the East 1829                                         

 Naval & Military


 Balkan Volunteers                                                         

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Anderson, M.S  

 Eastern Question 1774-1923                                       

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 Die Rumanische Armee                                      

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 Flame of Freedom                                                         

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Cox & Lenton               

 Crimean War Organisation & Uniforms                     

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 The Russian Dagger                                                     

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 Fall of the House of Habsburg                                    



Military Forces of the Balkan Peninsula                    

PallasArmata  1883

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 Struggle for Greek Independence                                   

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 Lawful Revolution: Kossuth 1848-49                             

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 The Greek Struggle for Independance 1821-33          

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Furneaux, Rupert           

 Siege of Plevna                                                  

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 Russia and its Campaigns in Turkey 1877                  

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German Army                

 Greeco-Turkish War 1897                                            

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 Destruction of Lord Raglan                                          

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 Road to Romanian Independence                                   

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 Serbs in Croatia and Slavonia 1848-1914                      

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 Fighting Troops of the Austro-Hungarian Army 1868-1914        

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 The Eastern Question 1774-1923                                  

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 First Aid to the Battlefront                                              

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 Russians in Bulgaria & Rumelia 1828-29                        

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 Jelacic and the Intervention against Hungary 1848    

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 The Army of Francis Joseph                                          

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 National Minorities in the Balkans                              

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 With Tchernaieff in Servia                                              

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 SE European Maritime Policies                          

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 Serb-Bulgarian War 1885                                              

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 Turkish Forces and the Eastern Question                   

 PA 1876

Von Trotha,Thilo           

 Battles around Plevna                                                    



 Servo-Bulgarian War 1885                                            


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 Russo-Turkish Campaigns of 1828-29               

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 The Philhellenes                                                             

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Wright, A                      

 Adventures in Servia 1876                                             

 London 1884



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