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12th Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 1914-18

Colin Fisher                        New Mosquito                    April 2007

The latest edition of the Journal of the Salonika Society includes an excellent description of life for one Scottish battalion in WW1 and their time at the front in northern Greece. Based on the battalion's war diaries and the author's description of his Grandfather's recollections.

SOTCW Journal 55 - Autumn 2006

A range of articles on the Balkan armies of WW2 including:

Rumanian Army 1941-42

Budapest 1945 scenario

Minor axis air forces of WW2

Nimrod AA Tank

Bulgarian armour of WW2

Greek rifle company 1940-41

The New Mosquito - September 2006

The latest edition has an ORBAT for French forces in Macedonia 1915-18. Plus an article on the experiences of a driver gunner in the 60th London Division and in contrast those of nurse Ernestine Lucy who served in a field hospital in Serbia 1915.

The Royal Artillery in Macedonia

Vivian John                                                       New Mosquito             September 2004

A very useful description of the organisation and equipment of British artillery in the Macedonian campaign of WW1. It also covers the conditions gunners operated under and a brief description of several actions including Roche Noire and Doiran.

Chetnik Mountain Guerrilla

Interview with Milorad Krstovic who fought with the Chetniks in Yugoslavia during WW2. Interesting, if not objective, view of that conflict.

British Infantry of the Salonika Campaign

Robin Braysher                                     New Mosquito                                     11 April 2005

Lists all the regiments and battalions who served in the Salonika campaign together with details of publications covering their service. Excellent resource.

Greek Army 1940-41

Alexei McDonald                                 Miniature Wargames                                         261 February 2005

A useful introduction to the WW2 Greek Army of which little has been written in English. Covers the Italian invasion through to Hitlerís Balkan campaign of 1941. Includes an Orbat.

5th Royal Irish Fusiliers at Kosturino

Ian Lowe                                              New Mosquito                                     September 2005

A detailed look at the part the Royal Irish Fusiliers played in the action at Kosturino in 1915.

Ottoman Cavalry 1907

Reprint                                     The Foreign Correspondent                  60 Oct. 2003

This is a reprint from an article published in the Cavalry Journal 1907. It sets out the organisation and equipment of the Ottoman regular and irregular cavalry in 1907. Two small illustrations.

Bodyguards of the Kingdom of Serbia

Nick Dore                      Foreign Correspondent            October 2002

A description of the uniforms and organisation of Serbian royal bodyguard units in the early twentieth century. Line drawings and a detailed description of the uniforms.


Andrej Vilar                      Journal of Military Ordnance           September 2002

Detailed description of the Slovenian upgrade of their aging soviet T55 main battle tanks. Increased firepower, protection and electronics in partnership with the Israeli arms company Elbit.

Antonescu's Eagles Against Stalin's Falcons

Alexander Statiev              Journal of Military History              October 2002

An excellent study of the Romanian Air Force 1920-1941. It highlights the problem a small country had in developing an aircraft industry between the wars culminating in an operational history of the air force in the first year of Romania's involvement in WW2

Gallant Knights

Mark Nixon                     Air Forces Monthly               January 2002

A description of the sorties flown by Yugoslav Mig 29 Fulcrums during Operation Allied Force in 1999. Flying aircraft which were far from operational against overwhelming odds, in both numerical and technological terms, two brave pilots gave their lives in the defence of their country.

Ottoman Anticipation of the Allied Landings at Gallipoli

Ottoman Military Effectiveness at Gallipoli

Tim Travers and Edward Ericson            Journal of Military History         October 2001

Two articles in this issue covering Gallipoli 1915. Tim Travers (author of Gallipoli 1915) looks at the capture of Lieutenant Palmer and the false information he gave and how this effected the strategy of Liman von Sanders. The author argues that von Sanders, despite his later claims believed that the allies might land at Bulair which is at the neck of the Gallipoli peninsular. Erickson based on a study of the Ottoman records debunks the myth of poor quality Ottoman troops at Gallipoli. He argues that most regiments were reliable and experienced Anatolian troops with very few of the less reliable Arab units.

Bulgarian Armed Forces 1915-18

Alan Wakefield                    New Mosquito         September 01

A useful overview of the organisation of the Bulgarian army of WW1 in the newsletter of the Salonika Campaign Society. This edition also has an interesting series of letters from the front describing the death of Lieutenant Leonard Creswell at Bairakli Jum'a in October 1916. Plus a narrative of the 6th Royal Dublin Fusiliers role in the Salonika campaign.

Turkish Armour in  Operation Joint Forge/Bosnia

Ralph Lovett                     Journal of Military Ordnance            September 2001

A brief look at the armoured vachicles of the Turkish Battalion Task Force in Bosnia. Equipment includes the BTR 80 and the ACV-NG in its AIFV and 81mm mortar versions.

Hellenic F5's

Kosta Dimitropoulos           Air Forces Monthly            June 2001

Service history of the F5's which have just been withdrawn from service after 36 years with the Hellenic Air force. The F5's were a cheaper replacement for the Sabre in the 1960's when the US originally intended to provide the more expensive F104 Starfighter.

The Bulgarian Royal Lifeguard

Nick Dore                       Foreign Correspondent           50  April 2001

A short article with line drawings of the Bulgarian Royal Lifeguard from its establishment by King Otto to the end of the monarchy in 1943. Also in this edition of Balkan interest is an extract from Hozier's "The Russo-Turkish War" dealing with the capture of Nicopol and this site's editor's article on Ali Pasha of Jannina.

Ottoman Army Rations

Laurent Quisifit                  Frontovik                         No.7 January 2001

A description of the rations issued to ordinary Turkish soldiers during WW1. The regulations allowed for 3149 calories per day including 900g of bread, 250g of meat and 150g of Bulgur. Needless to say this was not always achieved during wartime mainly due to the poor quality of Ottoman logistics.

Development of the Hungarian Aircraft Industry 1938-44

Miklos Szabo                   Journal of Military History        January 2001

Describes the development of the aircraft industry after WW1 and the efforts to build a crdible air force despite the restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Trianon. After 1938 when Hungary began to rearm with german support the limited industrial infrastructure could not support the demands placed upon it. despite this 1,182 aircraft were produced between 1941 and 1944 making a significant contribution to the Axis war effort.

Handschar Strike!

R Haskins                         SOTCW Journal                38 Winter 2000

A brief description of the 13th SS Mountain Division (Handschar) and their first battle, Operation Signpost, in the Borsut Region  of NE Bosnia in March 1944.

Operation Storm

Tim Ripley                          Military Illustrated              No. 140

Tim Ripley, the author of a new book on the1995 UN and NATO campaign in Bosnia, has written a concise account of the Croat recapture of Serb held Krajina in August 1995. The article includes a useful ORBAT, maps and is well illustrated.

The Ugly Duckling of the Armed Forces: Romanian Armour 1919-41

Alexander Statiev                     Slavic Military Studies          June 1999

This article considers the development of  the Romanian armoured forces from the interwar years to WW2. It demonstrates the low priority given to armour, largely for economic reasons resulting in a lack of expertise at all levels. The tragic result was the destruction of the Romanian Armoured Division within two months.

Ace in Defense of Bulgaria

Stefan Semerdjiev          Military History          August 1999

An interview with Bulgarian WW2 fighter ace Stoyan Stoyanov. His unit flew Me-109G fighters mostly in air defence of Sofia against B24 Liberators returning from bombing missions against Romanian oilfields. He also shot down 2 P38 Lightnings.

The Jolly Good Fun Irregular Balkan War Game

Phil Gray           The Journal (Society of 20th Century Wargamers)       Autumn 1998

A description of an excellent participation game which has appeared at several UK wargaming shows in 1998. Using very simple rules and Irregular Miniatures 42mm figures, this game has an H.G Wells toy soldier flavour to it. The period is the the 1912 Balkan Wars with Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish armies. The next edition of 'The Journal' will include the rules.

Aegean Encounter

Dave Morrall. Miniature Wargames, June&July 1997

Hypothetical (hopefully!) present day scenario for a conflict between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean. Good overview of the potential forces involved including organisation charts for marine and paratroop units. Part 2 provides a gaming scenario on a hypothetical Greek island called Mytos situated close to the Turkish mainland.

Balkans Campaign of 1941

Strategy & Tactics No.182

This issue's feature game is the Balkan campaign of 1941. Designed by Joseph Miranda there is a good overview of the campaign in the usual S&T format with full organisation charts of all the combatants. Some intriguing 'what ifs' are briefing explored including Yugoslav defence in depth and major British intervention. For the figure gamer the full colour map and counters make an excellent campaign resource.

The First Balkan War, 1912-13: War at Sea

Adrian Martins. The Foreign Correspondent, Issue 34

A full narrative of the main naval actions between Greece and Turkey during the First Balkan War. The article includes an analysis of the failure of the Turkish fleet to take effective action against the Greek fleet in the Aegean.


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