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This was the army commanded by San Martin that crossed the Andes from Argentina and liberated Chile. The core of the army consisted of Argentine infantry and cavalry supplemented by Chilean refugees.

General Jose San Martin and his commanders. Front Rank figures.

Horse Grenadiers, elite company. This famous regiment fought in all the campaigns. San Martin said of them "some will equal them, none will surpass them". Front Rank Dutch light dragoons.

Granaderos a Caballo. Front Rank French Chasseurs a Cheval.

Argentine Line infantry. Perry Dutch/Belgium Chasseurs.

Cazadores De Los Andes. Front Rank British rifles.

Argentine Line infantry (11th). Perry Dutch/Belgium Chasseurs.

Argentine Line Cazadores. Perry Dutch/Belgium Chasseurs.

Argentine medium artillery.                Argentine light artillery. Front Rank Spanish artillery

Chile 1st Line Infantry. Perry Isabelino infantry from the Carlist range.

Chile Grenadiers. Front Rank figures.

Civilian Irregulars. Front Rank Spanish.

Gauchos. Front Rank Spanish Garrochistas.

Camp followers.

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