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Heading north from Sarajevo into central Bosnia the first stop is Travnik the HQ of the early Ottoman rulers. Situated in a narrow river valley the highlight is the well preserved castle that dominates the town. There is a small museum inside.

Travnik castle as it looked in medieval times from a local plan.


Next stop north is Jajce. A much fought over town as befits its central strategic location. This was the last Bosnian castle to fall to the Ottomans in 1528. It was a partisan base during WW2 and was captured by the Bosnian Croat army in 1995 at the end of the recent conflict. The castle is still in reasonable condition and is being repaired. As is often the case in BiH there are houses built right up to the castle walls and sometimes even inside (see Pecigrad below).

The drive north to Banja Luka goes through the attractive Vrbas Gorge. There are several ruined forts including Grebengrad below.

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