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Archive reviews of fictional and miscellaneous items of Balkan interest.

The Janissary Tree

Jason Goodwin                        Faber                                ISBN 978 0 571 22924 6

A whodunit set in 19th Century Constantinople. This is a complex tale demonstrating the author's detailed knowledge of the city. The plot involves a eunuch investigating a series of murders in the palace that takes him to all parts of the city.

The Mosaic of Shadows

Tom Harper                                Arrow                                        ISBN 0 09 945348 7

This is an historical whodunit set in Constantinople at the time of the 1st Crusade. Great read and an excellent portrayal of the city.

Jihad - Eugene of Savoy and the Siege of Vienna

Blake Lewis                                    Xlibris                                        ISBN 1 59926 033 6

This is a short novel tracing the early life of Eugene of Savoy from his time in the French court, through the family falling out with Louis XIV to his role in a dragoon regiment at the Siege of Vienna.

Viking - King's Man

 Tim Severin                                MacMillan                                    ISBN1 4050 4116 1

This is the third in a series of novels which appears here because the book's narrator is in Byzantine service as a member of the Varangian guard. The court intrigue is ably described together with the Byzantine campaign of George Maniakes in Sicily. This is historical fiction at its very best.


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