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Balkan Bibliography - Fiction

Andric, Ivo                    

 The Bridge on the Drina  


Andric, Ivo                    

 Bosnian Chronicle                                            

 Harvill 1996  


West, Rebecca              

 Black Lamb and Grey Falcon  

 MacMillan 1944

Scott, Douglas               


 Sheridan 1993

Biggins, John                 

 A Sailor of Austria                                           

 Mandarin 1992

Biggins, John                 

 The Emperor's Coloured Coat                         

 Mandarin 1993

Locke, Geoffrey            

 Serbian Epic Ballads                                        

 Nolit, Belgrade 1997

Goldsworthy, V             

 Inventing Ruritania                                          

 Yale 1998

Lawrence, S                  


 Black Swan 1998

Durrell, Lawrence          

 White Eagles over Serbia                                 

 Faber 1993

Sienkiewicz, Henryk      

 Fire in the Steppe                                             

 Hippocrene 1992

Severin, Tim                  

 Viking, King’s Man                                          

 MacMillan 2005


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