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The Greek Army of WW2

Like many of the smaller nations in World War 2 Greece was ill prepared for the conflict with an  army suffering from a shortage of modern equipment. None the less it succeeded in resisting an Italian invasion from Albania until the massive intervention of German troops from Yugoslavia overwhelmed their defences.

In 1940 the Greek army consisted of six infantry and nine mountain divisions, four mountain brigades and a cavalry division totalling some 430,000 men. Despite heavy losses during the Italian invasion this had expanded to 540,000 men before the German assault. Infantry divisions had three regiments plus a divisional artillery regiment. Mountain divisions had less artillery (4 batteries instead of 9). Infantry regiments had two battalions each with three rifle and one MG companies. 

For further information visit Defence of Greece 1941 website which has a vast amount of information on this conflict and hosts a discussion group. Andrew Mollo's, The Armed Forces of WW2 has a chapter on the Greek army with uniform plates. For those using the popular Flames of War wargame rules there is a section on the Greek army on their website.

The campaign of 1940/41 is described in the feature article Blunder in the Mountains on this website and has a bibliography and order of battle. It includes details of the battlefields today that are also covered in our travel section's tour of the Epirus region of Greece.

The Editor's Greek WW2 army is in 15mm scale, originally for Rapid Fire but now rebased for use with FoW rules. There are no specific Greek troops available but figures can be adapted from Italian, British, French and Spanish Civil War ranges. Most of the figures below come from the Peter Pig ranges supplemented by FoW.

In 28mm there is a new range of figures by David Burns distributed by Rif Raf Miniatures

and now in 15mm


Greek army in 15mm for FoW

British army in Greece

Italian army in Greece

Vickers tanks

Artillery support from 75mm field guns.

The backbone of the army - the infantry

The cavalry. Units were attached to infantry divisions for recon as well two regiments of cavalry each with four squadrons, Mgs and mortars. A third regiment was in the process of being motorised.


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