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A variety of links on all things Balkan.

Academic sites

Habsburg Network Base for the excellent academic network devoted to the study of the lands of the former Habsburg Empire
Russian & East European Centre Excellent links page
Center for Austrian Studies Good resource on the former Habsburg lands
Balkanistica Interdisciplinary journal on southeast European studies
South East European Research Unit Glasgow University centre. Limited online resources.
Byzantium Studies The starting point for the extensive Byzantine academic networks


Salonika Campaign Society The WW1 campaign and their journal 'New Mosquito'.
Bulgarian Military Museum Bulgarian National Museum of Military History
Bulgarian Naval Museum Based in Varna
Romania WW2 Excellent resource on Romania in WW2
KIYĀFETNĀME Ottoman costume prints
Military Maps Austro-Hungarian army maps of 1910
Osmanli A collection of prints on Ottoman military themes
Ron's Kalkan Page A collection of shield designs - mostly Polish & Ottoman
The Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniforms The New York Public Library's wonderful online collection of uniform prints.
Austro-Hungarian Army Excellent resource on the A-H Army 1848 to 1914
Defence of Greece 1941 All you need to know about WW2 Greece


Glasgow Wargaming Society Blatant plug for the editor's wargames club!
Wargames Forum Online Wargames magazine
Ed's Hobby Hovel A collection of wargame resources including a wargame magazine database
British Historical Games Society The organiser of UK wargaming competitions
The Miniatures Page On line wargames magazine
Society of Ancients Publishers of Slingshot
Lance & Longbow Society Publishers of Hobilar
Pike & Shot Society Publishers of Arquebusier
SOTCW 20th Century wargaming society
Team for Historical Simulations German wargames group with a great gallery of their games
Travels with a Rogue Gen. Mikhail Skobolev (the White General), toy soldiers, history, circa. 1850-1900.


Hellenic Resources Network Good links for current affairs in the Balkans
All Bulgaria Guide Good guide for Bulgarian travel
Turks Royal Academy of Arts exhibition
Doboj Castle Well preserved Northern Bosnian fortress

Commercial Links

Bulgariania Supplier of Bulgarian books, militaria
Miniature Painting Services Quality wargame painting service
Warhammer Historical Warhammer rules homepage
Osprey Books The wargame and military history publisher
Helion Books Military book publisher and bookshop
Figures in Comfort The essential bags for your wargames figures
Wargames Illustrated Monthly wargames magazine
Strategos Athena
1/32nd figures of Greek soldiers


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