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The Ottomans

The Ottomans were the dominant force in the Balkans during the later medieval and renaissance periods. Their armies were varied and colourful using locally recruited troops as well as men from the Anatolian plateau in modern Turkey.

Here is a selection of 28mm figures from my wargame armies of the period.


The obvious place to start is the elite Kapikulu corps and the Janissaries. These are from the Old Glory range.

Then the bow and spear armed Azabs recruited for each campaign. These are from the Redoubt and Dixon ranges

Heavy infantry Voyniks were Balkan Christians. These from the Old Glory range.

The Ottomans loved their cannon. Heavy, medium and a big mortar. Redoubt, Eureka and Essex figures here.


Then the light cavalry. Delis and Tartars. Old Glory and Essex.


Feudal Sipahi made up the bulk of the heavy cavalry. Again Old Glory, Dixon and Essex figures.


But the elite Sipahis of the Porte were the best. Redoubt figures these.


The good thing about collecting Ottomans is that they can be used over a wide time span in your medieval and renaissance armies. But you will need some later figures.

Here are some later Janissaries with the long musket. Old Glory,

Dixon, but don't mix them in the same unit, they are much smaller.

and Old Glory. Somewhere in between size wise.

The later skirmishers also came musket armed. These from Dixon

and these from Old Glory

Finally, the Ottoman version of dragoons.


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