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Moldavia 1618

This is an interesting three way scenario for an Imperialist/Polish clash with the Ottoman Turks in 1618. The game was played at the editor's wargame club under the DBR rules with 25mm figures.


The Turks set up first on the southern edge of the table. There is a 12" ridge hill in the centre of their position with a small wood at the western end of the hill. On the western edge of the table there is a narrow river fordable in accordance with DBR rules. The Poles set up next and the Imperialists arrive on a 5/6 (D6) from the second move onwards.


Polish Briefing

You are the Polish Hetman Stanislas Zolkiewski.

The year is 1618. Southern Poland has been devastated by Tartar raids encouraged by the heathen Ottoman Empire. You are determined to avenge the suffering of your countrymen by invading the Ottoman Empire's northern territories around Moldavia. You have been promised support from an Imperialist force financed by the Pope and their commander (Prince Rudolph) is on your right flank.

Cossack scouts report a large Ottoman army ahead. You have sent a message to Prince Rudolph that you will make a frontal attack and he should support you with an attack on the Ottoman left flank.


Your army consists of:

CinC Hetman Stanislas 1 Ln(F)

Hussars               8 Ln(F)

Pancerni             4 Si(O)

Cossacks             4 LH(F)

Dragoons             2 Dr(O)


Imperialist Briefing

You are Prince Rudolph. An Austrian Prince of the Royal Hapsburg dynasty.

The year is 1618. Your father the Emperor has ordered you to assist a Polish invasion of Moldavia largely to pacify the Pope who regularly complains that the Empire is not doing enough for the oppressed Christians in the Balkans under the Ottoman yoke. Moldavia is a dismal insect infested place far from the delights of Vienna, therefore you are not enthusiastic and neither are your troops.

You are aware that the Polish commander, Hetman Stanislas Zolkiewski is on your left flank. However, as his force is entirely cavalry he keeps pressing far ahead of your army. You have received an order (who does he think he is!) to attack the left flank of an Ottoman army encamped ahead whilst he attacks frontally. He does not tell you how strong the enemy is or anything about their disposition. Your Croat cavalry scouts report that a river lies between your army and the Turks. A small detail the dozy Poles forgot to mention! You will need to find a way across before getting to grips with the Turks.


Your army consists of:

CinC Prince Rudolph 1 Pi(S)

Horse                     3 Pi(I)

Reiters                     1 Pi(O)

Croat Horse              2 LH(S)

Pike                         3 Pk(O)

Musketeers                 6 Sh(O)

Grenzer                     2 Sk(S)


Ottoman Briefing

You are the Grand Vizer Halil Pasha.

The year is 1618. The infidel Poles have invaded Moldavia and you have rushed north to stop them. En route you gather a supporting command of Transylvanian vassals. You are also aware of an Imperialist force on your left flank and therefore you have kept the Transylvanians on the left to watch them. The new Sultan Osman II has only recently secured the throne. He is only 14 years of age and heavily influenced by your enemies in the Harem. You need a decisive victory to maintain your position.


Your army consists of:

CinC Halil Pasha     1 Si(S)

Qapukulu Cavalry     2 Si(S)

Feudal Sipahis         8 Si(I)

Delis                     3 LH(O)

Tartars                     2 LH(O)

Janissaries             5 Sh(F)

Slav Sharpshooters 6 Sk(S)

Azabs                     4 Bw(I)

Bombard                 1 Art(S)


Transylvanian Sub-General 1 Ln(F)

Rich Boyars                     2 Ln(F)

Viteji                             4 LH(F)

Haiduks                         2 Sh(I)

Peasant Skirmishers         3 Sk(I)

Mercenary Pikemen         2 Pk(O)

Mercenary Shot                 2 Sh(O)


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