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The Polish state in the 17th Century was one of Europe's great powers. The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth covered most of modern day Poland, Belarus, Baltic states and large parts of Ukraine and Russia. It was a Polish army led by John Sobieski that saved Vienna from the Ottomans and had a huge influence on the military reforms of Gustavus Adolphus and other states.

This army fought in the Balkans during the Polish-Turkish War of 1614-21 when the Poles invaded Moldavia. The Ottoman counter attack was halted at Chocim in 1621. Frequent border clashes took place throughout the century culminating in the series of wars between 1671 and 1699 that culminated in the Treaty of Karlowitz.

The standing army had a wide range of troop types of which the most famous are the winged hussars and Cossacks. For more details consult Polish Armies 1569-1696 Osprey MAA 184 and 188 and the Warrior 94 Polish Winged Hussar.


Starting with the famous Winged Hussars. These are from the Hinchcliffe range.

Hussars are supported by Pancerni. Again these are Hinchcliffe.

Then two units of Haiduks the standard Polish infantry. These are from the Foundry range.

No Polish army would be complete without the Cossacks. Foundry do a fabulous range of villainous looking characters.

Finally a shift of scales to 15mm. Figures from Essex Miniatures.


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