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1. Who commanded the Bulgarian army at the Battle of Pirot 1885?

A. Prince Alexander

2. Who was the first Christian ruler of Croats in 800AD?

A. Duke Viseslav

3. Which King of the Goths defeated the Romans at Phippopolis 250AD?

A. Cuiva

4. Who commanded the Ottoman forces at Plevna 1877?

A. Osman Pasha

5. At which battle in 1697 did Prince Eugene of Savoy destroy the Ottoman army of Sultan Mustafa II?

A. Zenta

6. The Calarasci regiments formed part of which Balkan state's armed forces?

A. Romania

7. Which French General commanded the Allied offensive on the Balkan front in 1918?

A. Franchet d'Esperey

8. Which Yugoslav city provided men for the 'Iron Regiment'?

A. Belgrade

9. Which naval battle in 1827 arguably decided Greek independence?

A. Navarino

10. Who led the Albanians during the wars of independence 1443-68?

A. Skanderbeg (George Castricata)


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