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Royalist armies in South America were a mix of locally raised regular and militia troops supplemented by units from Spain. As a nation Spain needed time to recover from the Napoleonic wars. Instead it suffered constitutional upheaval at home as well as rebellion in the colonies. This meant service in South America was unpopular and badly financed. Despite this Royalist armies were generally well led and had a number of Peninsular War veterans.

Royalist commanders. Front Rank Spanish.

Santa Cruz Lancers. Front Rank Polish Guard lancers.

Abascal Carabineros. Front Rank Dutch Light Dragoons.

Frontier Dragoons. Front Rank Belgium Light Dragoons.

Infante Don Carlos Regiment. Front Rank Dutch infantry

Burgos Regiment. Front Rank Dutch infantry.

Talavera Regiment Cazadores. Perry Dutch/Belgium Chasseurs.

Valdivia Regiment. Perry Dutch/Belgium Chasseurs.

Viceroy's Guard. Front Rank figures

Los Angeles (Chillan) Regiment. Cannon Fodder Miniatures, Alamo Mexican range.

Royalist light artillery.                                                Royalist medium artillery.

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