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Great War Spearhead Scenario: 1st Balkan War

Battle of Seliolu - Thrace 22/23 October 1912

 It is October 1912 - the outset of the First Balkan War. Three Bulgarian armies are advancing into Ottoman Thrace. 2nd Army is covering Adrianople the main Ottoman base. 1st Army is advancing in the centre partly masking the 3rd Army’s sweep around the Ottoman right flank to the fortress town of Kirk Kilisse.

 In the centre the Ottoman 1st Army Corps is moving slowing north and its advance guard encounters cavalry elements of the Bulgarian 1st Army advancing towards the village of Seliolu. Under cover of this advanced guard the Ottoman commander orders his forces to hold the village and the surrounding hills. They arrive in the dark and construct hasty trench defences on high ground either side of the village

 Three Brigades of the Bulgarian 1st Division (General Tosheff) are ordered to clear the Turks from Seliolu. However, the brigades became scattered in the night and only two brigades and six batteries are in position for the battle. They must press on quickly to keep the Turks focussed away from the 3rd Army’s flanking attack.

Bulgarian 1st Division (all regular)

 Divisional HQ 

4 Infantry Regiments each with:

1          Regt HQ

1          MG

4          Infantry Battalions each with:

4          Infantry Stands


6          75mm Guns

2          Cavalry Stands


Ottoman Forces (all regular)


Divisional HQ


3 Infantry Regiments each with:

1          Regt HQ

1          MG

3          Infantry battalions each with:

4          Infantry Stands


3          75mm Guns


Advanced Guard

4          Cavalry Stands

4          Rifle Stands


Additional scenario option.

4 moves after general fighting begins a regiment from the Bulgarian 4th Division appears on the baseline in front of the Ottoman right attracted by the ‘sound of the guns’.


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