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The first medieval Serbian state was created by Stephan Nemanja who broke away from Byzantium and joined the Zupans of Zeta and Raska in a unified state in 1172. From the late 13th Century increasing wealth from mining allowed the Serbian state to import western arms and equipment whilst retaining traditional light infantry and cavalry.

The defeat of Bulgaria by Stephan Uros III at Kyustendil in 1330 made Serbia a dominant power in the Balkans. His son Stephan Dusan expanded to the south and created the Serbian Empire at its largest extent. However, the empire unravelled at Dusan's death and the fragments were defeated by the Ottomans in 1371 and finally at Kossovo in 1389.

For further details of the Serbian armies and campaigns see Warfare in the Balkans.

Most of the wargame figures below come from the Essex 15mm range.

The main strength of the Serbian army was the armoured knight feared for their ferocious charge.

Supported by Gusar light cavalry.

and the foot mostly archers with some armoured infantry.

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