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Shipka Pass

The Russo-Turkish War of 1877 resulted in the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. As a consequence the war and the preceding 1876 uprisings are a feature of many museums and monuments across Bulgaria. 

The Russians declared war on April 24 and crossed the Danube into Bulgaria on June 23. General Gourko's advanced guard seized the Shipka Pass by mid July as the main army assaulted Pleven. Three assaults were repulsed by Ottoman forces commanded by Omar Pasha and the Russians then engaged in a five month siege supported by the Romanian army. Osman Pasha was finally forced to capitulate on December 10 after an unsuccessful breakout attempt. 

The monument at Shipka Pass holds a small museum with a collection of paintings, uniforms and medals



The monument provides an excellent view of the battlefield.

The pictures below are from the Pleven panorama of the battle.


For the story of the battle see our feature Shipka Pass 1877


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