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With the launch in April 2006 of the Warhammer Ancient Battles supplement covering Vlad the Impaler and the Ottoman Wars of Expansion it seemed appropriate to include a few photographs of Transylvania.

Starting with Vlad's birthplace in Sighisoara. Then the Tinsmiths Tower, part of the extensive Sighisoara town walls.           


Even the churches are fortified such as this example in the village of Saschiz.

Assuming you could fight your way into Transylvania, at least from the south, through passes such as this through the Bucegi Mountains.

and then the Carpathians, in the mist of course!


Almost certainly not 'Draculas' castle - but it certainly looks the part.

A somewhat later military site worth visiting in Transylvania is the well preserved Austro-Hungarian fortification at Alba Iulia.


Together with a later Romanian hero Michael the Brave


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