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Balkan Bibliography - Travel Guides

Aldiss, Brian                  

 Cities and Stones - Travellers Yugoslavia       

 Faber 1966

Carver, Robert              

 The Accursed Mountains                                   

 Murray 1998

Clancy, Tim Bosnia & Herzegovina Bradt 2004

Crossland, J                  

 Macedonian Greece                                         

 Batsford 1982

Cuddon, J.A.                 

 Jugoslavia - The Companion Guide                

 Woodbridge 1996

Dennis-Jones, H            

 Guide to the Dalmatian Coast                         

 Redman 1963

Edwards, Lovett            

 The Yugoslav Coast                                         

 Batsford 1974

Gardiner, Leslie             

 Curtain Calls                                                   

 Duckworth 1977

Kaplan, Robert  

 Balkan Ghosts                                                  

 Papermac 1994

Kindersley, Anne           

 The Mountains of Serbia                                  

 Murray 1976

Magris, Claudio             


 Harvill 1989

Mirovan, Vladimir          

 Balkan Cookbook                                             

 Pelican 1989

Morgan, Peter               

 A Barrel of Stones: In Search of Serbia           

 Planet 1997


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