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This section includes archive reviews of new wargame figures.

25/28mm FIGURES

28mm Ottoman Turks

Bearsden Miniatures                 www.bearsdenminiatures.com

Bearsden Miniatures have a new range of 28mm Ottoman Turks. Three Janissary models supported by artillery, sipahis, light cavalry and irregular foot. Twelve different packs in total containing 10 foot or 5 mounted figures at £8 per pack. These are well sculptured figures that fit in with most ranges.

28mm Ottoman Mortar and Crew

Eureka Miniatures                     http://www.eurekamin.com.au/

A colorful addition to the Eureka (available in the UK from Fighting 15s) Turkish range is this large mortar and crew. Makes an unusual feature for an Ottoman army.

28mm Greek Army of 1890

Eureka Miniatures                     http://www.eurekamin.com.au/

A range of  Evzones including four rifles in different stances together with command figures. The Evzones have represented the elite of the Greek army since the war of independence from the Ottoman Empire (1821-32). The word Evzone apparently means “well belted one”, and has its roots in Homeric literature.

28mm Balkan Wars

S.Koumoussis         34 Ithakis St, P.Kokkinia 182 33, Piraeus, Greece

A new range of 28mm figures for this underprovided period from Greek manafacturer Spiros Koumoussis. The review samples were crisp castings with good raised detail. I particularly liked the detailed leggings on the Bulgarian infantry. In size they are compatible with Foundry figures if perhaps a little slighter in build. So far there are line infantry for all the main participants with the promise of MGs, cavalry, artillery and irregulars to come.

25mm Eastern Renaissance

Old Glory          www.wargames.co.uk/oldglory

A large new range of Poles, Muscovites and Ottomans all up to Old Glory's usual high standard. All the figures you need for armies of the period. 15 packs of Poles including Tabor wagons which fill an important gap in the scale. 10 packs of Muscovites and 23 packs of Ottomans. There are also 6 packs of artillery. Even the annoying Old Glory pack sizes are not too much of a problem in this scale.

PS. This range continues to expand. The Ottomans now run to 37 packs plus 6 artillery packs extending the time period up to the Napoleonic wars. Imperialist/Croat opposition in the form of 11 packs including Uskoks. The first company to produce these in any scale.

25mm Ancient Greeks

Foundry          www.wargamesfoundry.com

A range of 25mm Spartans and Athenians under the banner 'World of the Greeks'. The Spartans have command, armoured and unarmoured packs. For the Athenians there are armoured, naked, unarmoured, javelinmen and archers. Usual high foundry standard with good variations in each pack.

UPDATE: Latest additions include Spartan and Athenian cavalry, Thebans and Macedonians. Plus some 'Barbarians' in the form of  the Thracians and Scythians.

25mm Thracians

Old Glory  (Tel. 01207 283332)

Old Glory have produced a pack of Thracians which fill a major gap in 25mm Balkan ancient figures. The pack contains 30 spearmen in five different poses. There are no spears and the pack comes with 10 crescent and 20 oval shaped shields.

20mm Yugoslav Partisans WW2

Kelly's Heroes         (Tel. 01703 321497)

Fourteen partisan figures from Kelly's Heroes fill a gap in the current ranges in this scale. The figures come with a wide variety of weapons including shotguns, three different types of rifle, sub-machine guns and bren guns. In addition there is a demolition team - just right for those railway scenarios.

25mm Bulgarian/Turkish Buildings

The Light Company        http://www.thelightcomp@mcmail.com

New East European range which includes Bulgarian/Turkish houses and a grand Bulgarian mosque. These models come ready painted are suitable for 19th century to modern. They are large buildings particularly the mosque. Some of the proportions look a little out but a useful and unusual addition to the wargames table.

20mm Bosnian 'Handscar' Division

Battlefield Miniatures   (Tel. 01474 331068)

A new range  of 30 figures depicting the Bosnian volunteers of the 13th Waffen-SS Mountain Division 'Handscar'. To follow will be a range of Balkan partisans. I personally haven't seen these figures so I can't comment on comparative scale etc. but it does appear to fill a gap in existing 20mm ranges.

25mm Macedonians, Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Dacians, Goths, Huns and Late Romans

Old Glory (Tel. 01207 283332)

A huge number of new releases in Old Glory's ancient range distributed in their usual large bags of 30 foot or 10 mounted figures. there are 4 bags of Macedonians, 7 Greeks, 6 Imperial Romans, 3 Dacians, 4 Late Romans, 4 Goths and three Huns. In total all the main units needed to field these armies on the tabletop. Apparently more are to follow.

25mm Byzantine

Gripping Beast (Tel. 01473 659771)

A new range of Byzantines covering the Crusades and the later wars of the Empire. The range includes 3 infantry figures (2 spearmen and a Varangian) and 8 cavalry figures (5 Kavallarioi and 3 Kataphractos). Gripping Beast produce some of the finest 25mm figures on the market and this range is no exception. Normans are available for the opposition. View the figures on their website www.bath.ac.uk\~csspgo\gripping.html.

20mm WW2 Romanians

F.A.A. (Tel. 01244 379399)

Romanians have been added to FAA's extensive 20mm WW2 range. 10 packs including officers, NCO's, riflemen, LMG, mortar and engineers.

25mm Ottoman Napoleonic

Parkfield Miniatures (Tel. 01494 725631)

Designed for their Napoleon in Egypt range most of the Ottomans would be suitable for the wars in the Balkans during this period. Particularly the Janissaries and Spahis.

20mm Ancient Greeks

Newline Designs (Tel. 01895 621706)

11 different packs of 20mm white metal figures including hoplites, Cretan archers, slingers, javelinmen as well as Greek and Thessalian cavalry.

20mm British 'Mediterranean' Infantry

SHQ Miniatures Tel. 01256817746

Suitable for Wilson Force infantry which intervened in Greece 1941. An intial release of eight packs in Khaki drill shirt, trousers and 1937 pattern helmet. Further additions promised.



15mm Balkan Wars/WW1

Eureka Miniatures                     http://www.eurekamin.com.au/

I have been remiss in not mentioning this Australian company who have an imaginative scheme called the 300 Club. You describe the figure you want and if 300 are ordered they will produce it. This can fill some important gaps in other ranges as well as encourage them to develop a particular range. My Salonika Front Italians came through this route and more recently early WW1 Serbs. These are excellent figures and the range includes Australians, Turks, Italians, Serbians and Austro-Hungarians. If you like the look of these they have lots of World War One requests in the 300 Club just waiting for enough orders to get them into production.

15mm Ottoman Turks

Venexia Miniatures            http://digilander.libero.it/venexiaminiatures/

A new range of 15mm Ottomans from an Italian company. I bought some of their models at the Triples show and they are very good. All the usual subjects portrayed in a crisp animated style. Fit in well with Essex and similar ranges.

15mm Balkan Wars

S.Koumoussis         34 Ithakis St, P.Kokkinia 182 33, Piraeus, Greece

First in what we hope will be comprehensive range of figures for this conflict. Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish infantry in four different stances plus officers. Artillery have recently arrived but we still need MG’s and cavalry Spiros! The figures are well detailed with minimal flash and paint up well. Whilst some WW1 figures can be adapted for these wars, this is the only dedicated range on the market and very welcome. Detailed listing and a photo from my collection on the Balkan Wars website: http://balkanwars.freewebtools.com/

15mm Greek War of Independence

S.Koumoussis         34 Ithakis St, P.Kokkinia 182 33, Piraeus, Greece

Expanding range of 15m figures for this conflict. Includes all the regular and irregular Greeks with some Turks and Egyptians. The castings are crisp with little flash. They are detailed and paint up well if possibly a little short on animation by modern commercial standards.

15mm Ottomans

Old Glory  (Tel. 01207 283332)

Old Glory have added Ottomans to their 7YW range although the figures are equally useful for Ottoman Napoleonic armies and several new cavalry units have been added to my tabletop army. The range so far includes Janissaries, Nizam, Sekhans as well as Suvarilaris and Sipahi cavalry.

15mm Moldavian, Wallachian and Transylvanians 1330-1504

Donnington Miniatures (Tel. 01635 46627)

A range to complement Donnington's early Ottomans (see below). The army of 'Dracula' can now be fielded in 15mm in Donnington's usual crisp style. Seven cavalry figures including Vlad himself and ten infantry figures including voynuk, curteni and peasant rustici. Three horse types and a bombard and crew. Just for atmosphere a tasteful impaled man!

15mm Goths/Lombards

Irregular Miniatures          Tel. 01904 671101

Six new additions to the Dark Ages range. Heavy and medium cavalry, officer and standard together with two infantry figures. These figures will provide some useful variety for wargames armies of the period although remember that Irregular are large 15mm.

15mm Russo-Turkish War

Lancashire Games        Tel.01457 872212

Lancashire Games have remodelled their Russo-Turkish range in the new larger style. This makes them more compatible with other ranges than their 'old' style. They do two battlepacks for each army (one infantry and one cavalry+artillery) with 100 infantry or 24 cavalry+32 artillery crew. These represent excellent value at only £10.50 per pack with discounts for larger purchases.

15mm Mycenaean Greeks

Museum Miniatures ( website: http://www.btinternet.com/~museumminiatures/mm.html )

Substantial range of 17 figures and a chariot. Figures come nude, in 'kilts' and in full 'Dendra' fashion armour.

15mm Skythians + WW2 British and German

Essex Miniatures (Tel. 01268 682309)

Two packs of horse archers, a pack of heavy cavalry and two foot packs, one of archers and one of javelinmen.All to the usual high Essex standard in eight figure packs (4 for mounted).

Hopefully reflecting growing support for 15mm WW2 a new range comprising 6 packs of  early war Germans and 7 packs of Brits.

15mm Early Ottoman Turks

Donnington Miniatures (Tel. 01635 46627)

A large range of Early Ottomans covering all the figures required for this army under the main army lists . Plenty of variety to create interesting units and nice range of standards for command figures.  Crisp castings with minimal flash which paint up well. Also available as a DBA army pack if you want to try out a new period. Recommended.

20mm Aegean - WW2

Britannia Miniatures  

Britannia have a new range of Special Boat Squadron figures and equipment. 10 figures including officer, LMG, Thompson, Sten and MP40. However, pride of place goes to the Greek caique fishing boat with a choice of German or British crew.

Classic German infantry are also available for garrisoning the Greek Islands.

25mm Dacians AD85-106

Wargames Foundry (Tel. 01481 714 241)

A new range covering Dacian forces involved in frontier fighting on the Danube in the AD80's to the Dacian wars against Rome in AD101-102 and AD105-106. There are 25 figures in the range including 5 chiefs, 2 standard bearers and 17 warriors. The figures are up to 'The Foundry's' usual high standard. Well proportioned and detailed with plenty of variety to represent this 'Barbarian' army. 'Foundry' also do a full range of Early Imperial Romans for the opposition.

15mm WWII Vehicle Range

Military Miniatures (NZ) Tel. (09) 525-1140. UK Distributor - Tin Soldier, 18 Lion Lane, Billericay, Essex.

The growing popularity of 15mm figures for WW2 is represented by this new range of vehicles from Military Miniatures. The hulls are cast in resin with guns and wheels in metal. The detail is sharp  (if a little brittle) and these models paint up well, particularly with drybrushing. Of particular interest for the Balkans is a French R35 which was the mainstay of the small Yugoslav tank strength in 1941. The invading German forces are well represented with PkwI, II's and III's in several variants along with the 38t, armoured cars and other support vehicles.

Good value at £2.95 ($7.50) per model. Also welcome is the policy of selling individual models. To complete your army Peter Pig provide most of the infantry figures and other vehicles required.

15mm Nineteenth Century Range

Awesome Enterprises Tel.01636 701439

Awesome have added Austrians to their extensive Rank and File Miniatures, Nineteenth century range. This range is also a must for the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 with Romanians and Bulgarians in addition to the standard Russians and Turks. All that is missing are the Serbs and Montenegrans, if we can add a not too subtle hint!



1/6000 WW1 Naval

Hallmark Figures        Tel. 01347 810147

A full range to cover the Turkish and Greek navies of WW1. Hallmark also do most of the other main combatants to enable the recreation of naval actions in the Eastern Med.

42mm Russo-Turkish Wars

Irregular Miniatures Tel. 01904 671101

A very unusual range on display at 'Fiasco' in what Irregular describe as a 'jolly fun toy soldier style'. Not my personal cup of tea, but for the collector there is a full range of Turks, Egyptians, Russians and Bulgarians.

Also from Irregular are new gun crews for their extensive gun ranges in 15mm and 20mm. The 15mm Italians and 20mm Yugoslavs filled gaps in my WW2 Balkan armies.

Irregular's new range of 15mm WW1 aircraft have also found there way onto my Macedonian front forces. Confirming Irregular's deserved reputation for filling the gaps that other ranges seem to miss. Very efficient and friendly mail order service too.


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