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Balkan Bibliography - World War Two

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Axworthy, Mark            

 Third Axis: Fourth Ally                           

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 Crete 1941  

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Partisans and Guerrillas      

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 Paul of Yugoslavia                                             

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 Invasion Balkans!                                              

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 Greece & Crete 1941                                        

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 The Embattled Mountain                                    

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Dugan, James                


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 Albania at War 1939-45                                    

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 Improvise and Dare                                           

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 Romania in the Second World War                    

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 Agents Extraordinary (Bulgaria)                         

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 Romanian Army in WW2                                

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 Albanian Assignment                                          

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 Battle for Budapest                                            

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US Army                       

 Anti-Partisan Warfare in the Balkans                  

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Williamson, Gordon       

 German Mountain and Ski Troops 1939-45    

Osprey 1996

Willingham, Matthew Perilous Commitments - Britain's involvement in Greece 1940-41 Spellmount 2005


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