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The Croatian capital Zagreb has a limited number of sights of interest to the military historian.

There is no dedicated military museum and on my recent visit the Croatian Historical Museum was closed for renovation. No indication of this on any official website. - fortunately I was not making a special visit! The museum does have collections of arms and armour and should be worth a visit when open. It can be found in the medieval Gradec quarter of the city near the parliament building.

The nearby St Mark's church with its tiled roof depicting  a medieval coat of arms is worth seeing.

The cathedral is also worth seeing as is the statue of Ban Josip Jelacic the Croatian leader in the 1848 uprisings. The rebuilt medieval fortress of Medvedgrad is the most important medieval monument and provides an excellent view over the city.

The Archaeological Museum has an interesting collection of Roman swords and armour, together with coins and other displays. Whilst there is no English labelling each room has a general introduction in both languages.

The  surprising high point of the visit was the Technical Museum. An excellent collection of model ships including a Radetzky class battleship and Greek tiremes. Aircraft exhibits include Areo and Trojka trainers, an early Augusta Bell helicopter and a Thunderbolt fighter. There is a Fiat L35 tankette and an Italian CB-20 submarine built in 1943.

The city is frankly not worth a special visit on historical grounds but is none the less a pleasant city to visit for a day or two.






Ban Josip Jelacic


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